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The Ultimate American Clothing Staple: the T-Shirt!

Trends come and trends go, but the one wardrobe staple that endures is the t-shirt. Wear it as it is, or feel free to toss together your own layering options on those days when you're feeling creative. The versatility of this classic piece of apparel means that it doesn't discriminate, whether you're pairing it with a tailored blazer, or wearing it under a slip dress.

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The universality of the basic t-shirt also means that it makes for strong statements that say a lot about you. Here are some popular themes:

Logomania: Fashion is only more fun when you flaunt it, and a monogrammed tee from your favorite label serves as an excellent way to humble-brag about where your loyalties lie.

Collectibles from bands: Tell us you didn't compulsively hoard tees from rock bands while growing up, and we'll show you a liar. Oversized concert T-shirts or crop tops sporting the logo, pictures or symbols of your favorite bands never go out of style and serve as great conversation starters.

Slogan tees: The founding bedrock of every wardrobe, there's no going wrong with this staple—whether you're layering it under a blazer to make it work-appropriate. So go ahead, select the sentiment that suits you and let your tee do your talking for you!

Sporty tees: From racer backs to slogan mesh tees, activewear serves as a de facto way to keep the fitness mojo flowing even when you don't have a treadmill in sight.

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