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Good Fashion Comes in All Sizes

“Go big or go home.” It’s a philosophy that encourages us to be bold. Not so long ago, in

the world of fashion, going bold was not exactly something that plus-size women have

been encouraged to do. The limitations they had on sizing and styles forced them to buy

what fits, rather than what’s fitting for them.

Fast-forward to today, and plus-size clothing is the fastest-growing segment in apparel

and accounts for more than $21 billion, according to market research. More than half of

women ages 18 to 65 wears a size 14 or larger.

Many women feel fashion is such an important part of self-presentation and

communicating their identity to others — not to mention a way to feel good about

themselves. The “body positivity movement” is being led by celebrities and social media

influencers who are cheering bigger bodies, even if it means facing a fierce backlash

from body shamers and those who contend it promotes unhealthy ideals. Celebrities are

also jumping on the bandwagon, advocating for women to be themselves, whatever

their form, shape, size or appearance.

At Vice Kulture, we take pride in producing the latest fashions to fit and flatter all body

types. We offer a wide range of sizes (up to 6XL) and styles from which to choose. Check

out our inventory to create the fashion statement you want to make! Find out more by

contacting us today.

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